Transformational Leadership Coaching

For those courageous leaders finding their place, co-creating deeper stories of a leadership culture as an emergent, self-organizing field out of which shared ‘leaderful’, wise action emerges in response to complex contexts.

This is a process done mostly in the context of group learning but the internal landscape of the individual has to be supported as well. Leadership development is essentially an inside–out, narrative-based process and the impetus for such an inquiry is often triggered at mid-life, mid-career.

For those people, facing the reality that the very frameworks of understanding themselves “as leader” need to shift… are shifting…


What is the deeper narrative/story about leadership that is emerging for me now?

  • What is my image of leadership?
  • What mind-set do I hold about leadership?
  • How does this support my context/current reality?
  • What new images and narratives are emerging from within me and from others?
  • What do I have to let go of, in order to make room for the “new/the more than now”?
  • What is the relationship between management, leadership and governance?
  • How do I increase my capacity to “read complex contexts” and respond wisely, in ways “equal to this complexity”?


For me, Debbie is more than a coach. Although coaching is and has been part of our work together for the past 2 years, I now experience Debbie as more of a guide, a companion. Debbie’s gift is her deep compassionate listening

for the stories of the work I am doing in my organization.

Whether it is a moment of joy or a moment of sadness, Debbie’s deep experience and wisdom always allow new possibilities to emerge during our conversations… and new doors or windows become more visible, more accessible to me as I lead a transformational change in my organization.

This is the essence of a guide/companion… someone who is on the journey with you, with some “supplies” that are needed to help find the paths forward. Most of the time these “supplies” are the compelling questions that Debbie asks during our conversations that often stop me in my tracks and bring new insights into the “story beneath the story”… That’s when the magic happens and the doors, windows, or sometimes just a crack opens up and something new becomes possible.

To be sure, I have grown as a leader these past two years. And perhaps, more importantly, I have grown as a human being because of our work together.

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