Consulting – Leadership Learning Facilitation

The cultures/stories of leadership are changing… The myth, the story, the culture of ‘heroic leader as individual’ is ending. Our global, systemic, entangled contexts are too complex for any one individual to ‘solve alone’.  So far, the new myths, the new leadership cultures/stories are in the making.

This meaning-making process… co-creating the emerging culture is the work of leadership.

The work of DAPA Consulting Inc. is to support those who are transforming their leadership cultures/stories. We provide a service of attention and presence through these practices, and domains of knowledge, inviting small leadership learning teams to form to develop, transforming the company or team’s leadership culture one conversation at time.

at an edge

Is your team; organization; or you, as the positional leader, at an edge where the success of the past is no longer serving your current reality?

in conversations

What if leadership is understood as hosting, convening and engaging generative learning conversations that bring the edges of the business, enterprise or civic purpose into the room to do collective, reflective, sense-making work? What if leadership is people making meaning of their situation, finding the possibilities that will lead them and their organizations into a meaningful future?

In this way, leadership is understood as collective, relational, conversational, creative, interdependent, empowered, and engaging. It bridges the mind, heart and soul as it seeks wholeness… the field out of which wise action emerges.

co-creating the emerging culture/stories as the basis of wise action

What deeper story of leadership can be named and lived into when a group comes together to explore possibilities in light of its current reality?


Leading culture is what leadership does.
Edgar Schein

No problem can be solved in the consciousness in which it was created.

Narrative is to postmodernism, what problem solving is to modernism.
Deborah Ackley


I came to Debbie in July 2011, looking for support in the area of cultural transformation. As an engineer, having spent the majority of my career working in technical roles, I knew very little about this field. What I have learned the last couple of years is that cultural transformation is not something that can be taught… It can’t be absorbed from someone else telling us how to go about engaging our teams in real conversations, and you certainly can’t predetermine all the steps necessary and then just execute an action plan. You have to learn your way into it. Debbie’s gift is her unique ability and spirit to create the conditions to allow individuals, groups and teams to go deeper into themselves, individually and collectively, learning together to find the right next step to move an organization forward.
Corporate client

We have treated the “cultural transformation” component of this work as more of an unstated, unpublicized outcome. We have specifically focused the work on building leadership capacity and value for learning, co-creating meaning and relational leadership—out of which, we hope, cultural transformation is born.
Corporate client

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