Working Words

Words work. Words shape reality, consciousness, our “world”. The words we choose can heal or harm; they can maintain old cultures, or break them open. Professional words keep us in boxes and silos. Legal, bureaucratic, medical, financial, and technical words keep us locked in the very frameworks and cultures we are trying to shift. Poetic words break open the edges and new life can breathe in the language, reshaping our bodies, hearts, minds, souls and our culture as new realities are revealed.

Poetics for Change… is leadership

When we live between stories/myths/cultures, as we do now, we are called on to find the collective disowned poetic sensibility as antidote for our overly rational and technocratic culture; to re-author our narrative. Techno-language needs to remember that it has a partner… soul language. We need both linguistic domains. This is not the work of one or two gifted poets… but a call for poesis, which means to make a world. It is the call for new words, new images, new metaphors and new stories… co-created by those who choose to enter conversations that matter, co-creating a more hospitable, sustainable world. We call this leadership.

A Book of Poetry

Born from Silence is a book of poetry that was born from the “silence” of violence and injustice against one of my children.
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Poetry is the language against which we have no defence.
David Whyte

How do you wish to word your world?”
Julie Klee

A word opens up a world.
Dr. Chené Swart

Poetry Awards

Two Merit Scholarships (SLS)
Walrus Magazine and Concordia University
2007 St. Petersburg, Russia
2009 Kenya